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Since 1983 Alan Genninges has personally hosted schools and special interest groups at Blue Lagoon, Moreton Island National Park

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Moreton Experience's camp is located between the Ocean beach and Blue Lagoon. Young and old all enjoy a daily swim in the fresh water Blue Lagoon just 5 minute walk from camp.The site was selected by Alan in 1983 for its cooling sea breezes and closeness to Blue Lagoon and the Ocean beach. Cape Moreton, Spitfire Creek, North Point, Mt Tempest, Lake Honeyeater and the Little Sandhills are all within a smooth 4WD bus ride along the ocean beach from camp.

Alan Genninges BSc. M.Sc Zool. brings to your camp 30 years of personal experience and knowledge acquired while conducting trips just like yours. Alan graduated from University of Queensland with majors in the Biological Sciences and a Master of Science Zoology. Alan's hands on experience and formal qualifications mean he is fully resourced to support your educational or special interest excursion.

Educational Excursions

Moreton Experience hosts primary, secondary and tertiary education groups. Moreton Island is a stimulating and rewarding venue for curriculum excursion. Located in the Moreton Island National Park away from the urban environment we provide a unique wilderness base for your camping experience. Alan advises scheduling and the locations which will best achieve your educational goals for your students. Groups of over 50 students are easily accommodated.

Camping and tours for individuals and groups

Moreton Experience's flexible programme provides opportunity for Moreton Magic to work on you and your group. If yours is a special interest group then Alan is able to modifies the programme to take account of your groups particular interests.

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